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We provide all the material and guidance you need to create a masterpiece. Whether you are decorating your home, classroom, office, or trying to find a new hobbie, we've got the right tools.

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Catch us crafting and learn how to do it yourself during our weekly broadcasts. Don't be shy, we have all different levels and types of projects! Fun for the whole family, check it out.

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You can blame COVID, but thank Zoom for allowing us to continue hosting workshops virtually. Because everyone still needs to get their craft on even in these strange times!

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I spent a great day at the crafting social in October. There was plenty of room at my table. I met nice ladies who were also crafting. A chef prepared our lunches and snacks including chicken salad with cranberries, and peach cobbler for dessert. There were giveaways and raffle prizes. We also decorated a wood pumpkin with chalk paint and stencils for the make and take that was super cute! These events are fantastic.

Angela C.